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In-depth reviews of places to find and fuck horny Kathoeys in Thailand

Courtesy of LadyboyGold.com. A full list of great places in Bangkok and Pattaya to find Ladyboys is located inside of the LadyboyGold members area.

Obsessions - Nana Plaza, Bangkok

Hours: 8pm-2am. Simply stated Obsession features some of the hottest Ladyboys in Thailand. Located on the ground level in the rear of Nana Plaza, Obsession IS a must see on your hunt for the perfect Kathoey. The A-Go-Go features a stage that runs down the middle of the club with 7-8 Ladyboys dancing and strutting their stuff on stage. A single row of comfortable booth seating surrounds the stage........

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Cascade - Nana Plaza, Bangkok

Hours: 8pm-2am. Cascade is a wonderful Ladyboy fantasy a-go-go! Located on the top floor (4th) of Nana Plaza, Cascade features a HUGE selection of beautiful Kathoeys in an exotic environment. 40+ Ladyboys can be seeing inside, with 16+ dancing on the large multi-level stage. Part of the stage rotating to give a great view of the girls on stage, and the entire Go-Go has a rock façade and real waterfalls with running water.........

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Kings Corner - Patpong, Bangkok

Hours: 8pm-2am. Located opposite Kings Castle 3, Kings Corner is a post-op Kathoey lover's fantasy cum true. Mixing Ladyboys with real girls, Kings Corner blurs the line between the sexes, and is a good place for those new to the scene. Approximately 50+ gorgeous girls and Ladyboys fill the a-go-go, and at times you may have a hard time knowing where to look. But be warned going in that they are ALL post-op Ladyboys. There was more than a few times I was disappointed before understanding that all the LBs had been cut.........

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Temptations - Nana Plaza, Bangkok

Hours: 8pm-2am. Located on the 2rd floor of Nana Plaza, Temptation is the dirty Ladyboy option for your Kathoey trek. Temptation is dirty and dingy inside, and about 6-7 Ladyboys are on the main stage at any given time. About 10 other Ladyboys roam the club, looking for their next victims. The girls are very forward in asking for drinks, and unless you like 3-4 standing in front of you staring and asking for drinks without even the start of conversation you might want to pass on the experience.......

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Walking Street - Pattaya

Hours: 8pm-LATE. Walking Street is a fantastic place to find your Ladyboy fantasy. Along the length of this wonderful street, you'll have the opportunity to see a wide variety of freestyle Kathoeys, all wanting to go short time with you. From first time 'iguanas' Ladyboys with tiny hormone tits to full out Ladyboy sex bombs ready to flash their new tits and curvy asses, Walking Street has it all. You may even find a horny Tiffany's or Alcazar showgirl on the prowl looking for a quickie. A night on Walking Street will give you a new outlook on life.......

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Jenny Star Bar - Walking Street, Pattaya

Hours: 9pm-LATE. Jenny Star Bar has a reputation for being one of the hottest Ladyboy pickup spots in Pattaya. Located at the base of the Marine 1 / Peppermint moving staircase, Jenny Star features delicious Kathoey stallions dressed in sexy outfits and shaking their asses on the bar counter. Normally 8-10 sexy Kathoeys are available at Jenny Star Bar, and often they disappear for quick short times or outfit changes. Jenny Star is an open air bar that is completely exposed to Walking Street, so you can freely look at the selection of Ladyboys inside and outside the bar........

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Hi Boss - Soi 6, Pattaya

2pm – LATE. Located on Soi 6 between Beach Road and 2nd Road, Hi Boss has provided Ladyboy connoisseurs' with delightful short time experiences for the past few years. Horny and aggressive, the Ladyboys at Hi Boss come in all shapes and sizes. Approximately 25 Kathoeys work at Hi Boss, with most displaying their goods on the streets. Normally dressed slutty and in short skirts and ripped stockings, the Hi Boss Ladyboys can take anything you want to throw at them.........

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Club 131 - Soi 13/1, Pattaya

Hours: 6pm-2am. Located close to Beach Road on Soi 13/1, Club 131 is a great Ladyboy lounge. Even though small in size, Club 131 consists of approximately 10-15 friendly sexy Kathoeys that are there to entertain you Since they're dressed in sexy street clothes, Club 131 almost has the feel of a Ladyboy pickup up joint: Somewhere you could find a sexy date. But no worries, plenty of opportunities to have your cock stroked inside. Ages ranged from 22-28, and a variety of styles and experience...............

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These are just a sample of the reviews. The full reviews are located inside of Ladyboy Gold

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